Human Rights Violations in Iran

نقض حقوق بشر در ايران


PDF file آگاهینامه شست و پنجمین سالروز حقوق بشر

65th anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (PDF file)


بررسی سی و پنج سال گذشته نشان میدهد که مردم ايران، در زير آزار و شکنجه حکومتگران، از مزيتهای پايه ای حقوق بشر بی بهره اند

از زمان روی‌ کار آمدن حسن روحانی تا کنون، ۸۹۰ تن اعدام‌ شده‌اند

در سال ۲۰۱۳ میلادی بیشتر از ۶۰۰ نفر در ایران اعدام شدند

گزارشگران بدون مرز در رده‌بندی جهانی آزادی مطبوعات در سال ۲۰۱۴، از میان ۱۸۰ کشور جهان، رتبه ۱۷۳ را به ایران داده است. 

میلیونها وبسایت در ایران فیلتر شده اند

سرعت اینترنت در ایران عمدا کاهش داده شده تا ارتباطات را محدود کند


The Iranian people want freedom, democracy and human rights, and they realize that they cannot be free as long as the Islamic republic exists. The massive protests in Iran in recent years show that millions of Iranians oppose the Islamic republic. Today, there is a historic opportunity to support the cause of freedom and democracy in Iran, and eliminate the horrendous problems caused by the Islamic republic.

The Islamic republic has tortured and executed thousands of Iranians. Thousands of Iranian political prisoners are deprived of their human rights. The Islamic republic has banned all pro-democracy groups, and the regime controls all radio and television, and censors books, publications, satellite television and thousands of websites.

Amnesty International has reported that the Islamic republic executed more than 600 Iranians during 2013.

According to UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed: “The human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to warrant serious concern, with no sign of improvement in the areas previously raised by the General Assembly or the various human rights monitoring mechanisms.”   

Ahmed Shaheed has reported that: “A number of Iranian laws and policies, including the 1986 Press Law, the 2009 Computer Crimes Law and the 2010 Cybercrime Law, continue to flagrantly violate the right to freedom of expression and access to information under international law.”   

Despite the regime’s brutal campaign against pro-democracy activists, many Iranians inside and outside Iran continue the effort to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

The Islamic republic imprisoned Ghoncheh Ghavami on June 20, 2014. Ghoncheh was arrested in Tehran for trying to watch a volleyball game.

غنچه قوامی

Ghoncheh Ghavami with her mother Susan Moshtaghian

The Islamic republic has sentenced Iranian actress Pegah Ahangarani to 18 months in prison:

پگاه آهنگرانی

Pegah Ahangarani 20090603 June 3rd 2009

The Islamic republic has stoned Iranians to death:


Islamic republic has stoned Iranians to death

Islamic republic’s terrorists kidnapped Abbas Yazdanpanah Yazdi in Dubai in June 2013:

عباس یزدان‌پناه یزدی  

Abbas Yazdanpanah Yazdi with his daughter Ayla